Offering Custom Bows & How To Order

First Step

Offer Options

Explore through all our collection options we have to offer. Click "explore collections/Options" this will take you over to the google drive where you can see all the options. Check it out and see what you find! Decided the collection(s) and save them to your device. Then upload the collection(s) photos you saved to your group, don't forget to let them know this will be a pre order.

FAQ questions regarding Options See bottom of page

Let's create a drop

You found the collection you want to run in your group, so lets create the drop and offer all the options you can to your customers. You can offer all bow sizes and mix and match sizes on one yard as long as their the same fabric base. You may have notice that on the pre order form below I have Twist Headbands too. Yup, you can offer any two tone bow as a twist headband "as is" meaning- seamless on one side then whatever solid is on the opposite side. If you don't like the solid color that might be on there you can change the color to whatever you feel would look best. "Personalized" The name would go horizontal instead of vertical like two tone bows are.

Now that your pre order is over, you will collect all the info they filled out. You wil then head over to the website to pay for your custom yard file(s) then Submit the jotform to me. You can always find all the Jotforms on the bottom of my website But let's say your not sure how many custom yard files you will need, we have just the form for you called "Submit Then Pay". Next we will go over jotforms and look at the options.

Step two now what...

Submit Order

Now that you have ran the designs you selected and your customers placed an order with you, now it's time to place your order with me and submit your list to Creative Graphics. We use jotforms for submitting custom orders. If you are still learning, we have a jotform made just for you called "Submit then Pay". Until you get the hang of it, this will be the best options. Once you submit your order, please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back with you. Typical we check these daily and usually get back to you within a day but we like to give ourself a grace period incase of an emergency or high volume of orders, not allowing us to contract you right away. But reinsure we are working on hard and as fast as we can.

See example to Understanding Jotform and filling out the forms


Find "Submit Then Pay" if your not comfortable yet with the process

Placing your order on the website

Custom Yardage Files

Your ready to order? Click "Shop Now" this will take you to the collections for the custom yard files where you can find many different options. Don't see the option you need- reach out and I will create it just for you! Understanding how we figure out what size yardage you purchase and what can fit on a full/half yard. See below

Understanding Yardage Sizing Below



Help yourself when it comes to using sample Images to share in your group & Don't Forget to check out the tutorials we have provide you with.

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